Setting Up the SmartPi Network with RaspAP WebGUI

Network configuration

Access to the SmartPi

The SmartPi has a graphical interface for configuring the network.
When delivered, the WLAN of the SmartPi works as an access point and has the IP address
In the standard configuration, the Ethernet interface is delivered with DHCP. This means that it is assigned an IP­ address by your router.

To access the SmartPi via the Ethernet interface, you must determine the IP address of your SmartPi. You can either look in the list of registered devices on your router or search for the IP­ address with a network scanner Angry IP ( or Netscan.

The host name for the correct IP address must be "smartpi" or "raspberry". You can now access the website with http://<IP-Address>. The network configuration can then be found in the menu or directly at the address http://<IP address>:8080.

Alternatively, you can connect to the WLAN of the SmartPi. Search for a WLAN with the name smartpi-webgui. The password is ChangeMe.
You should change the password as quickly as possible to prevent unauthorized access to your SmartPi.

The WLAN of the SmartPi has the following settings as delivered:

  • IP address:
    • Username: pi
    • Password: smart4pi
  • DHCP range: to
  • SSID: smartpi-webgui
  • Password: ChangeMe

In the Basic tab you can change the SSID of the hotspot. If you operate several SmartPis as HotSpots, you should absolutely change the SSID.

Under PSK you can change the password for the HotSpot. You should do this urgently for security reasons.

To connect the SmartPi to an existing WLAN network, please activate the WiFi client AP mode switch, set your country, save the settings. A reboot may be required. Your HotSpot then has the IP address and you must enter the new IP address in the browser.

Connecting the SmartPi to an existing WiFi network

After you have activated the WiFi client AP mode, you will find a list of all available WLAN networks under the menu item "Configure WiFi client".
Select the correct WiFi and enter your WiFi access data.

You will be connected to the WiFi.

You can also assign a fixed IP address to your SmartPi via the "Configure networking" menu item.

WiFi networks in the surrounding area
WiFi networks in the surrounding area
Summary and setting options for each network device
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