Visualize your energy data

The display enables you to visualize your
your commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Via a full-HD display, the power and energy data of various regenerative energy
and energy data of various regenerative energy generators and
and consumers can be displayed. Simple graphics show guests, customers and
and building users the energy savings and CO2 reductions achieved by
self-produced regenerative energy.

Interesting information about your company, your school
products can be integrated into the presentation using your own graphics and slides.
the presentation. Thus you offer the users
a varied mix of information,
to ensure lasting interest. displays consist of an LCD or LED monitor suitable for 24/7 operation. It is available in 32", 42", 47", 55" and 60" sizes. A pre-assembled and ready-configured control computer ensure easy plug & play installation. The tiltable wall mount completes the complete package. Software

Via the easy and simple to use online administration, the slides can be individually assembled from any point on earth. Change logos and colors and integrate your own  slides easily. The slides can be put together and arranged in any order by dragging & dropping. Repetitions are also possible.


The display works together with the e.manager and the SMA webbox. With this you can Sensors, Counter and Inverters
of different manufacturers.

The display gets the data directly from the e.manager. If desired, no data is sent to the Internet. This way, your sensitive data remains under lock and key with you.


Unsere Displays werden vom Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle (BAFA) mit bis zu 1.200€ gefördert.
Förderfähig sind öffentliche Gebäude und Einrichtungen.
Nähere Informationen unter finden Sie hier.