Search devices

All devices (inverters) must be connected to the e.manager.
The devices must be in operation and, if necessary, an RS485 address or an IP address must be assigned.

Configuration → Search devices

Select the manufacturer for the corresponding RS485 bus or LAN interface.
Then click on "search". During the search, it is displayed how many inverters have already been found.
The page refreshes every 10 seconds. If the ID or IP is in the back range, the search will take longer.
It is also possible to search on several RS485 buses or LAN interfaces at the same time.
After the end of the search or when all inverters have been found, please restart e.manager.

Configure devices

The devices must be set up under Configuration → Configure Devices.


Digital inputs

Device type

Please select the device type (inverter, reference meter, residual feed-in, self-consumption, ripple control receiver, consumer, generator, solar sensor, cell temperature, inactive). If no device is connected to the digital or analog input, please select "inactive".

Device name

Give the device a name of your choice. Please do not use umlauts or special characters.

Ripple control receiver

Here you can specify to what percentage of the maximum power the inverter should regulate down, if the ripple control receiver specifies a power reduction. If you have connected the ripple control receiver as shown in the instructions, you do not need to make any changes.