universal, modular, expandable

e.manager nD - The energy management system individually for your requirements

e.manager nD the smart energy management system for optimising own consumption
e.manager nD - the smart energy management system for optimizing your own consumption

The e.manager nD with its unique modular system is the flexible solution for all tasks in the field of energy management and control technology.
In its basic configuration, the e.manager nD has 3 integrated RS485 interfaces for connecting inverters, electricity meters, relay cards, battery memories, solar radiation sensors, wind sensors, heating cartridges, telecontrol systems and various ModBus devices.
4 digital inputs allow the connection of ripple control receivers, S0 current counters or other digital switching contacts. Via the Ethernet interface, e.manager nD contacts many other devices such as inverters, telecontrol systems, relay cards, WLAN sockets, ModBus TCP and of course the web portal.
The two USB interfaces can be used to connect e.g. mobile radio modems.
Furthermore, the e.manager nD with three slots for the installation of expansion cards has the necessary flexibility to realize your individual measuring and control tasks in the fields of photovoltaic system monitoring, energy management, heating technology and home automation.

The e.manager nD is the ideal solution for monitoring domestic PV systems, optimising own consumption with the aid of rechargeable batteries and heating technology, controlling consumers, and parking control with direct marketing and Q(U) control.

Individually tailored to your requirements

Modularly expandable

The unique modular system of the e.manager nD enables you to assemble it according to your requirements and needs.
For this purpose, the e.manager nD has three slots for expansion cards. This makes it easy to add additional functions such as temperature measurement, relays, AD converters, I/O ports and many other interfaces to the e.manager at low cost. This gives you the opportunity to implement individual solutions in the areas of home automation, energy management and control technology. We would be pleased to help you with the implementation. The application examples or our blog can also provide a clue.

At present, plug-in cards with the following interfaces  are available:

  • 2x relays (normally open)
  • 2x analogue / digital converter
  • 2x pulse width modulation (PWM) output
  • 2x 0-10V output
  • 2x digital output (S0 compatible)
  • 1x 1-Wire
  • 1x CAN
  • The USB interfaces enable the connection of Z-Wave USB sticks, for example, and open up the whole world of home automation to e.manager nD.
  • The optional Homematic interface integrates the complete Homematic product range.

This brings together what belongs together: photovoltaics with energy management with heating with SmartHome - everything with the e.manager nD

The e.manager nD can be easily extended and individually configured
The e.manager nD can be easily extended and individually configured

Non-contact power measurement

Energy management system with integrated bidirectional counter

Schemata power measurement module
The optionally available power measurement module turns the e.manager nD into a smart meter

With the expansion module for power measurement , e.manager nD becomes an energy management system for optimizing own consumption with integrated converter measurement.
The current is measured contactlessly via current terminals on up to 3 phases and the neutral conductor. Installation is therefore very simple and quick and saves valuable space in the electrical distribution system.  
In the standard version currents up to 100A can be measured. On request  currents up to 300A and more are also possible.
The voltage is also measured at all three phases. 

In addition to measuring energy consumption and energy generation in order to optimise own consumption, other values can also be called up:


  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Power 
    • Active power
    • Reactive power
    • Apparent power
  • Energy consumption
  • Energy production
  • Power consumption
  • Power production
  • Frequency
  • Cos Phi


This makes the e.manager nD a more than a fully-fledged smart meter for energy management and optimization of internal consumption.

Technical specifications

Interfaces Features Remarks
3 x RS485
4 x digital inputs
1 x Ethernet
1 x extension bus (Modbus RS485)
up to 3 x CAN (optional)
up to 6 x analog inputs (optional)
up to 6 x digital outputs (S0 output) (optional)
Up to 6 x relays (optional)
3 x USB (2 x external, 1 x internal, can be switched off) (optional)
1 x UMTS modem (optional)
1 x Homematic interface (optional)
1-Wire interface (optional)
3 x current terminals for power measurement (optional)
Raspberry Pi compatible expansion interface
PV system monitoring
Direct marketing (photovoltaics, biogas, wind power)
Measurement of load profiles
power monitoring
Optimization of internal consumption
Control of consumers
Control of heat pumps
Control of solar thermal energy
Control of relays
Control of other components
temperature reading
Simple rule creation for control
Creation of free complex rules
Control of SmartHome components (Homematic)
Worldwide access
Transmission of measurement data to own servers
Local data storage
Operation without Internet possible
Input voltage: 12V=
Input current < 300mA
Connection: Plug-in screw terminals
Memory: micro-SD min. 4GB
SIM card: optional, micro-SIM
Network: 10/100MBit
Weight: 600g
Operating temperature: -10 to +40°C
Protection class: IP10
size: 9TE, 158 x 90 x 58 mm (WxHxD)
DIN rail power supply: 78 x 96 xx56 mm (WxHxD)
Connection options   Supported inverters
electricity meters
temperature sensors
Relay cards
radio sockets
wind sensors
Solar radiation sensors
telecontrol technology
Resol VBus
  List of all supported inverters
and other directly supported devices:
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